The Wicked Library – Season 4 features Thicker Than

For my third appearance on The Wicked Library, Nelson Pyles (horror author, host and narrator) chose ‘Thicker Than’ as the season four premiere.

This story originally appeared in the West Pigeon Press anthology, ‘For When The Veil Drops’ which you can learn more about at their website, or purchase from Amazon. In fact, the Kindle version is available for less than a dollar, so support a small press and snag one now.

Ever had someone close to you, maybe too close to you, die? Do you see them everywhere, everyday? Jenny sees Turner getting closer overĀ a year after he died; nearly as close in death as he was before he left.

Let me know how you like it. The anthology had good reviews and from time to time, Thicker Than itself garnered shining praise. It is always a mixed blessing when paired up with a handful of great authors to get singled out. You want readers to embrace all the stories yet you want to stand apart at the same time. The Wicked Library is the same. While I invite you to revel in all the show has to offer (fellow Post Mortem Press authors, Daniel Knauf of ‘Dracula’, and Joe R. Lansdale) as well as cover art by Maddie Von Stark who had Toronto’s own Davey Bones model for this episode, please do enjoy Thicker Than. See? So much to offer AND you get to listen to a creeping dark tale too.

Wherein it all falls apart…

Okay. Perhaps that is a little dramatic.

Readers and friends may have noticed has been down. This can read one of several ways. I have been down. The site is down. The site was neglected too. I’ve been too down to care about fixing it. Hell, I have been too down to care about a lot of things. Do Not Be Alarmed. If this is your first visit to typicallydia, you should know that this is basically how it operates. Or… how I operate. I really have to stop referring to myself as a website. You know that off-balance friend that refers to himself in the third person from time to time? Well, I guess referring to yourself as your URL is even worse. Especially when your off kilter friend who refers to himself in the third person is the first guy to call you out on not being a website.


So, though I gave a half-assed attempt at fixing my other site I basically gave up and posted a re-direct index file. Handy dandy.

This way, my limited energy can be spent on writing the three articles I have coming up. I’m really honestly excited by those. I also have a burst or two of writing to barf out on the Nightface II first draft and that will be done. That is Very Exciting too, as I am sure you know.

Apologies to those who were attempting to creep my blog site for the past few weeks. I’ve backed up my old blogs and images so once I fix it, I’ll restore it all or blend it into Not sure which, but I’ll definitely do something eventually!

Sounds promising, yes?

Thank you for your infinite patience and continued interest.

Stay dark.


Lydia reading at ChiSeries Ottawa in January

ChiSeries-Ottawa-January2014Chi Series is the dark literature reading series hosted by ChiZine Publications. This is my second time reading at the Ottawa series, and third time attending.

Come, get dark at Maxwell’s on Elgin Street in moody, cold Ottawa.

Doors open at 7, and there will be three authors reading; myself, Marie Bilodeau and Liz Strange.

Copies of Pray Lied Eve will be available to purchase for $8 each, and I will be sticking around as best I can afterward for a drink, to sign books, and lurk in a corner if I am able.