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blairwitchBlair Witch (2016)

After making a joke of wanting a screening pass in trade for the spammish ‘viral’ campaign attempted for this film, I entered a Rue Morgue contest on a whim and ended up with two passes. It was a lovely way to see the film, though I was surrounded by not-horror film fans who won their passes from radio stations and the like. The gentleman seated next to my guest was terrified from the middle of the film on. Every jump scare got him, nervous laughter not making a bit of difference as his hands floated up to his face to shield himself from the next tense sequence. A tiny bit of gore, a lot of screaming, and enough lore to push through had me just entertained enough. The last fifth or so was grand, though for the time spent up to then I found the cameras a little too kinetic. Not one to complain of shakiness or screen-vertigo my wish is to be able to tell who is holding the camera based on style and quality. Every actor held the camera like it was a scrap piece of duct tape they were trying to shake loose so the style wore thin fast. By the end, there were a handful of great scenes that did bring the gruesome artistry of horror film that I do love to found footage.

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