typicalfilm – Suspension

Suspension (2015)

This one would have been my pick from 8 Films to Die For and last year’s Fantasia Festival. I’d been waiting for a Canadian VOD release but it seems that, and review buzz, quickly dropped off the radar. Not sure why, since this was a lot of fun for me. Luckily, the IndieCan booth at Dark Carnival had this, among other neat films I snagged, so a year later I get to check it out. Not so for ‘The Barn’ and ‘Devil’s Candy’ which I’ve not seen yet but were added to my list around the same time. ‘Suspension’ hinges on suspension of disbelief in a way, and sort of plays with that idea throughout, especially with a semi-unreliable lead of perhaps unsound mind. Really glad I finally got to see this hip little slasher.  

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