typicalfilm – The Revenant

The Revenant (2015)

This one has been on my list since it was in theatre. Coming out while there was much Backcountry buzz in my ear, I did see the Canadian bear attack film first, and a few times, before finally getting to this. All of the talk on this was accurate and all of the praise warranted. I will say it is an awfully tiring film – not because it is on the long side or is fairly quiet – it relays a level of exhaustion endured by Glass that weighs on the viewer like no other film. What he goes through borders unbelievable but is handled unflinchingly and honestly so you can’t help but commiserate with every painful step through the winter forest. It makes me want to revisit Backcountry and Grizzly Man for the blessedly unseen by me nature of bears when disturbed in the wild. Really, a fascinating thing to see and something that will make you thankful for hot running water and shelter several times over.

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