typicalfilm – Oct 28 – MPD: Psycho 

Multiple Personality Detective: Psycho (2000)

Mister Miike sure knows how to make a good story. I’d likened this to Lynch by way of Cronenburg, and the more I think on it the closer that is. Or vise versa. Which came first, the seed or the flower ~ this short series helps confuse that question. The first episode is very strong, and while the story gets more convoluted and more like a music video with each scene, it grows on you. The police have a model builder that recreates each crime scene that is particularly enchanting to me, and wouldn’t you know it, they have a Halloween moment. Perfect. I’d deferred to Chris when I spotted this at The Turning Point, as apparently the censored version is all that exists. A shame in a way, but nothing is lost with a few scenes blurred out, all told.

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