typicalfilm – Oct 27 – Ajin Demi Human

Ajin Demi Human (2016)

While many people are still flipping out over Stranger Things, I’ve been all about Ajin. From the first episode I was hooked, and though we didn’t finish the entire season, Chris let me strap him down to watch most of it for my second time and his first. So, I’m not crazy and it is a very good if not shockingly dark show. Why other people aren’t flipping out over it, I’ve no idea. Maybe it’s Netflix. Maybe it’s the CGI animation. Maybe everyone likes Bob’s Burgers a little too much? I’ve no idea. Perhaps billed as an action anime, this is firmly in horror territory with monsters, relentless killing, darkness of man and society and a wild twist on death, mortality and resurrection. Lovely stuff!

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