typicalfilm- Meat

Meat (2010)

After a long festival run and who knows what else, I saw some buzzing around Meat. Lucky us, Artsploitation picked this wild little film up and it’s streaming on Vimeo as we speak. It’s not often that I fail to ‘get’ a movie. That’s not a bad thing. Remember the first time you watched Memento or Irreversible? That feeling (more so with NoĆ©) of what the hell did I just watch coupled with questioning morality on top of having been visually dazzled and seduced into wanting to see it all over again right away? Well, perhaps I’m speaking entirely for myself but that is where I am with Meat. It’s not safe for work, and hell it may not be safe for your home. Not a horror film by any means, it does have a lot of sex and sexual situations and is very dark indeed. Enjoyed this one very much, and will enjoy it all over again as soon as possible. 

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