typicalfilm- Cronos

Cronos – 1993

What a debut! This Guillermo Del Toro gentleman is going to go places. Or, that is the sort of thinking I’d have had watching it when it came out. So many years later, and I’m likely just as impressed as I would be then. Not sure why it is so hard to find these films for a reasonable price locally and they are ghosts on digital rental sites. Considering how much love Del Toro pours onto Canada, you’d think Netflix and similar sites would push to host these for viewing. Either way, I’d have to thank Chris of BindTortureKast and Turning Point for facilitating my viewing of his older films – Devil’s Backbone and Cronos respectively. This was one of those wonderful vampire films that I adore. Far away from mainstream and Dracula, there is an element of alchemy that butts against this being placed in the very real world that I really like. From the first five minutes onward, I was captivated. 

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