typicalfilm- Oct 3 -Chained

Chained (2012)

Not a wonder that Jennifer Lynch could come up with the most striking film I’ve seen in a long time. Since seeing the trailer ages ago, it’s been on my list and only recently it became a very affordable rental on iTunes. I should have bought it, but honestly, it’s going to be worth the physical purchase when I get around to it. Bindtorturekast had covered it for their episode 71 – which I’d completely forgotten since I’d been in ‘no spoiler’ mode – and I’ve not heard a peep elsewhere. Surprising, since it’s not only a beautiful film and remarkably shot, written, and acted; Chained is absolutely terrifying. For a girl that loves gore and action, this understated journey through two of the most messed up lives ever blows most horror out of the water. Quietly. 

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