typicalfilm – Cabin Fever


Cabin Fever (2002)

I have yet to watch the revamp, but in preparation did revisit the original. On blu-ray, no less. I recall watching this and at once thinking ‘Wow! It’s Richard Laymon come to life!’ with all the backwoodsian, sex, swearing, booze and realistic young adults – and at the same time thinking ‘this is rather goony.’ I was also less of a comedy fan back then, so it works even better now. There is a really great write up in the recent Splatterpunk Magazine by Jeff Burk that highlights the merits of this film. I really agree, especially with the suggestion of girl-on-boy anal exploration being something I had never seen is horror and found it’s realism and tell-it-like-it-is attitude really exciting in the face of all the teen-sex romps the genre is filthy with. Let alone the gore! It really is twice as much fun as I recalled.