typicalfilm – Awaiting


Awaiting (2015)

The poster caught my eye with promises of cannibalism and a minimalist aesthetic. There were rumblings from the past Fantasia film festival that sparked hunger pangs and I’d been patient for this one since the buzz died, and I wasn’t exactly champing at the bit, so it fell off my radar. Through the first half I was certainly ‘awaiting’ something substantial to happen. Something more visually interesting than the characters themselves. That said, it did a good job of creating a snapshot of the dysfunctional daddy daughter duo, similar to that in The Loved Ones, just way less fun. The second half delivers, and while the endgame has enough originality to overtake the taste of predictability there is some unpalatable CG. Yeah, if there is an aftertaste you just can’t kill, it’s After Effects. With a lovely set-piece that you just wanted to spend more than a few poorly rendered seconds with, or relentless motion capture CG… Now, it’s not without some very very lovely practical effects related to one of the main characters escape attempts, and the tension between him and the daddy daughter duo is delicious, so I did have fun with it–but I am glad I waited.