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No review – but a video where I answer questions from the #booktubenewbie tag. Enjoy!

Ten questions in under ten minutes. Since I do use the Booktube tag and follow a few booktube accounts, I figured I would join in. It was a fun video to make, and I do have a few reviews at the ready so it won’t be long before we return to plain typicalbooks.

Why did I start this channel?
What are some fun and unique things I can bring to Booktube?
What am I most excited for about this new channel?
Why do I love reading?
What book or series got me into reading?
What questions would I ask favourite booktubers?
What challenges do I think starting a booktube channel will be the hardest to overcome? (what awkward grammar!)
When did I start reading?
Where do I read?
What kind of books do I like to read?


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I cover books I have read that have taught me something about my own writing or were printed in an atypical way. Sometimes, I just have something to say about typicalbooks.

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The perfect thunderclap by Acclivity was found at Freesound http://ift.tt/nE9Tb5 thank you!

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