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This was a fine win for me from a Simon and Schuster Goodreads giveaway ~ The Beloveds by Maureen Lindley taps into the new gothic while remaining rooted in the here and now. An anti-romance with all the trappings of an estate home and garden featuring a fascinating lead in Elizabeth Stash who is on the surface not one to be feared, but within she not unlike the best poisonous blossom, dripping with venom.

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About the book…

This was a lucky win from a Simon and Schuster Canada Goodreads contest. As such, it is an uncorrected proof, and with that, I must say it was pretty tidy. Two little things I noticed and they were spacing issues so not a problem while reading. The cover image is nice, so I hope it stays, and I hope they expand on that and wrap the image around. The vines and such play into the story too, so it ain’t just a pretty cover. For a galley, it is nicely made as I have seen some that forgo glossy paper or heavy weight paper but this is in line with the last proof I had from them. This will be available April 3, 2018 so check the amazon link in the notes to preorder and maybe look at some of her other work.

My review…

I’m not familiar with this author and I think this is her first foray into the dark gothic, as the other work appears more literary. If we are lucky, Lindley will stay here and go darker as The Beloveds fits into the haunting and twisted world of psychotic women and literary anti-romance if there is such a thing. By anti-romance, I’d say there are loads of ideas that work in romance, coupling, divorce, attraction, repulsion, but all from the point of view of one devoid of all romantic notions and in fact sickened by the whole thing. Repulsion is a great word as this is one part Roman Polanski and one part Shirley Jackson, easily.

Coming up next…

Next I want to get into Where Nightmares Come From and then hopefully get reading Revival by Stephen King which I still have not got to. Then, back to fiction with a review on Odd Man Out by James Newman.

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