The Wicked Library – Renaissance

The end is nigh! More accurately, it was nigh a few weeks ago with the season finale of The Wicked Library.

Nelson W. Pyles has gone on to greater things though he will keep a finger on the thrumming pulse that is this amazing horror resource.

I had the pleasure of listening in to a podcast where Dan had collected snippets of thanks and memories of those who had been on the show. When my first (of four!) stories was aired, my parents called after to tell me how much they loved it. When I sent them the link, they waited until evening, then queued up the episode, and sat together by candlelight listening to the chilling story told by the best voice in the business. They remarked how much it was like listening to old radio plays like they used to when they were kids. Many fiction shows try to hit that mark, and TWL does it with ease – and that was in the early years of the show! It has only become more immersive as their skill and gear improved.

Here is the Ninth Story podcast episode where Nelson and Dan wax poetic. For all the authors, listeners and future collaborators, it is a must hear.

I’ll be repeating myself a little here and there but, wow. Thank you. A thousand thanks. Even more, one thank you to the team that is TWL for every soul they collected by airing our stories.

Congratulations, welcome, and high fives to Dan Foytik ~ the new voice of discord and terror. I think this is a wonderful move!

Well Nelson, like all the other hacks you’ve let on your shelves, I owe you. What, I’m not sure. More words, probably. With luck we will meet up and swap a few.

Friends and readers, give a listen and get acquainted with The Librarian and the authors that have been lucky enough to know him.

Also… scariest story!? You still get email about Bad Shepherd?! That’s made my day/week/month/year!

Thank you, Nelson.

You Rock.

And why? BFY, that’s why.