ReAnimeTion – An Introduction

Starting next week, I will be featured bi-weekly on a horror podcast. Very exciting news! For the last few years I have tested the e-broadcast waters on Kettle Whistle Radio, participated in other ‘casts and been on the local radio station as well as recording my blogs and fiction to leave on my soundcloud page. All this was leading somewhere…

For the last while I have listened to what seems like a zillion horror podcasts. Over the last two years I have even developed some strict guidelines as to the podcasts I will subscribe to! There are so many; and so many levels of skill and so many different formats – no different than broadcast radio – it is hard to find a few I really grooved with.

Not only have I found a few ‘casts I just straight up adore, one had a call out for female talent with an open mind to programming. Lo and behold, my pilot episode of ReAnimeTion will air on the Dead as Hell Horror Podcast on August 8.

Dead As Hell is a well rounded horror show with movie reviews that have a tendency to cover the darker fare. There are book reviews too, which I am partial toward. I fill in the horror anime portion. You might think there is little to choose from, but woah, Nelly! There really is a lot of super dark anime. I’ll be watching it all so you don’t have to! Ever since Gatchaman in the late 70s I have been a fan of anime, but I tend to zero in on horror as I do with any entertainment media. Now, I’m no otaku. No expert. My pronunciation is shit and I probably only looked at the manga in the comic shoppe. What I want to do is simply share all the gory beasties, the chibi freaks, shadow-selves and tentacles. Yes, there will be tentacles.

Coming up on the pilot is Tokyo Ghoul, my current fascination. Soon after I will talk about Corpse Party, Wallflower, Ghost Hunt, Attack On Titan, Black Butler, Highschool Of The Dead, Pupa, Hell Girl, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Maybe even my beloved Death Note! Some may not be straight up horror titles, but it’s my job to highlight the genre-related bits and describe them in terms of our favorite horror films. Sounds like fun to me!

With each episode, I will upload the script here. Feel free to comment on that or on twitter, or wherever you feel at home online.

In the meantime, you can find Dead As Hell Horror Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, twitter and facebook – go to their site for episode roundups and see how else you can tune in!

I’ll see you soon, Dead As Hell!

5 thoughts on “ReAnimeTion – An Introduction”

  1. What a great idea! I haven’t seen much horror anime past Vampire Hunter D, so I’m really looking forward to this.

    1. This is the sort of reaction I was hoping for!! You will have to tell me how you like it once we are a few episodes in 🙂

        1. Okay, just listened to your first episode. You really love anime! I recognized some of the references you made (the Nekromantik one thanks to you). The school setting of Tokyo Ghoul is one familiar to me in regards to anime and Japanese horror. I wonder why it is such a pivotal setting in that culture? Your review was very informative. Are you going to talk about OVAs as well?

          1. I will if it’s horror, and hope to mix it up covering OVAs, short series, long running serials… just not print. So glad you liked it!! Drawing comparisons to horror film is the best way to incite interest in anime I figure 🙂 and the school setting… Man! There are so many ghosts traditionally linked to schools in Japan and other Asian culture and I find it so fascinating – let alone the amount of time they spend in school overseas. We in N.A. have a pretty shitty attitude toward school, from what I see.

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