Postscripts to Darkness 5 on CKCU

Postscripts to Darkness 5 was featured on CKCUs Literary Landscapes with Kate Hunt ~ She interviewed the lovely Ranylt Richildis regarding the upcoming issue, Volume 5. So exciting to see this twice annual anthology bloom like the delicate nightshade that it is.

Programs like this about books and reading are the soil these projects take root in. So many are only listened to by the authors, editors and publishers so it is up to us to make sure our readers and out-of-industry peers are made aware of them when we are on. They or you may discover books, authors and events that you want to check out or some new music in the case of Literary Landscapes which features some tunes.

Listen to the program here: ~ There is some music to start, and if you like you can skip up to the 11:00 mark where the interview starts. I’d give the timestamp of the point that the show host claims I blew her away at the last ChiSeries even I read at… but that would be cheeky, even for me.

Come and listen to some of the stories and meet some of the authors (past and present), if not editors as well, at Raw Sugar in Ottawa on the 31st of July. I’ll be around and hope to see you there. For more, and a look at the cover art and so much more by Ottawa artist and model, Cherry Valance, check out her tumblr by clicking the image, and head over to the PSTD site: