Taylor and Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease

Share this link today! September is Charcot-Marie-Tooth awareness month. A little known disease with very serious effects. Click through to learn more about my friends goal.


Help Taylor purchase a ParaVan so he and his wife can get around and out as they need to. Winter in Northern Ontario (especially our home town, North Bay) can be harsh, so I hope they can be driving by the New Year ~


Every little bit helps, and that’s the Tooth!

typicalbooks 19 – Deadfall Hotel by Steve Rasnic Tem – Horror Review

Fresh Pots!

Dave Grohl made this a thing. Fresh pots. Indeed

I drink a lot of coffee too, and believe it or not I’ve cut my consumption by two thirds at least. Still, this may sound like a lot of coffee to some people…

I take my coffee hot, fresh, and with a double dose of unsweetened almond milk. no fatty cream and no sickly sugar. Tea, I drink black.

6:45 am

2 huge cups in the morning of very very inexpensive ground Colombian. I buy it at Giant Tiger or get the No Name brand. Hey, its better than most diner coffee! If you use cheap coffee within days of buying it and drink it no longer than 10 minutes after brewing, it’s pretty good.

10:00 am

Time for Starbucks. Since I don’t like Starbucks but the closest cafe is a gas station I use Starbucks VIA. It’s not as good as my morning coffee (recall, the least expensive coffee I could find?) but it is light years better than burnt and stale, weak dreck that the gas station self-serves. I cycle between Pike Place and Blonde Roast… and lately i have been sneaking a second cup because it is pretty damn delicious.

12:45 pm

Earl Grey, hot!

2:30 pm

Earl Grey, hot!

6:30 pm

Sometime after this, I’ve come home from the gym or late from work and head to a cafe. Being surrounded by Bridgehead locations, I’m basically spoiled with the best coffee in Canada. Generally, I have one but maybe two cups if I am reading a really good book. There is also the possibility that I’ve brewed a pot and am at my computer with a bottomless cup.

9:00 to Midnight

This the dark-roast night of my coffee loving soul. I fight the urge to drink coffee and have been known to sip a cup of decaf to cope.

On weekends, the only real change is that I may grind something way too expensive, use a french press or put on coffee at 3 am.

Yes. 3 am.

So, it’s basically the equivalent of 60-80 fluid ounces of coffee a day I figure? Maybe 100?