New Releases by HWA authors

For the past couple of years I’ve been the new releases moderator on At first there was a little well oiled team of elves – take that vision where you will – but now it’s just little old me. Emphasis on the old. And with old comes crotchety curmudgeonlyness with bonus made-up words. Posting the recent fare is something I really like to do. A few weeks ago I was handed the reins to drive the Recently Born of Horrific Minds column for the HWA newsletter. Excite! It’s another facet of new releases and makes perfect sense for me to compile the column so we aren’t overlapping effort. I’m very pleased with the new station and looking forward to the June installment.

Over the past while I’d noticed that the way of the new releases was to post any book submitted. If the release date had passed, that’s fine as I figured it gave everyone a fair shake. It’s not always easy to promote your books and sometimes either life gets in the way or you only heard of an advertising method after the fact. That’s all well and good, however, there certainly are books that should not be listed. Last week this was addressed and will continue to be reflected in upcoming posts to the Members Books page (to a lesser extent) and in the newsletter (to a greater extent). This is still about giving everyone a fair shake, so if your book came out a year ago and you’ve been an active member, it may not be posted unless there is a reprint, abridged, alternate medium, or otherwise new car smell to the piece. Last month’s releases will still make it into the rotating banner on the site alongside the actual new releases since a month is but the beat of a moth wing in the lifetime flight a book takes. The newsletter will reflect recent work only since the title has always had the words ‘This Month’ within, so it just makes sense.

For further thought on why this is important, and why I’m willing to research release dates and will even contact authors to make sure I’m not skipping a reprint or new edition, read on. This wasn’t the only set of titles that caught my eye but it seems to be noticed by others. We are easily blinded by the eye candy that is the artwork – and we know I love the cover art – but those release dates are awfully nice to look at too. I am, after all, a data journalist at heart and have an affinity for numbers and the stories behind them.

Thank you, Ginger Nuts of Horror, for the work put into this article and drawing attention to this issue.

It’s far more than release dates, you’ll see that once read, but at the end of the day that’s the concerning part for me as it is free advertising for someone who is taking advantage of authors. Should you have any input, let me know. Members can post new books through the HWA members portal where contact information abounds!

Thanks ~