Dead Air Ep 107- Friday The 13th

Gather under the sluice grate, for the latest Dead Air podcast episode has been mucked off the slab ~

And it is a special one too! Not only is this a commentary track for the mommy of all slashers, it is Wes’ birthday and our birthday. So grab a slice of cake or a campĀ counselorĀ and let’s get down to the lake!

Kill her, mommy! Today is our birthday and with it comes a very special special episode of Dead Air. We take you through the 1980 slasher masterpiece, Friday the 13th, as a commentary track!

Gather ’round campers and we’ll weave you a tale of a mother who loves her son, and a camp that will forever be cursed by his name.

Wes and Lydia will not only talk through every minute of this film but also tell you when they first encountered one of the most famous and influential slashers ever made.

So, string your bows, grab your knives, fire up the generator and if you don’t mind, make us some coffee! We’re the messengers of God, and you’re all, DOOMED!


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