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Panels Of Blood Ep 14 HackSlash – My First Maniac Pt 1

Wes ‘Dead Air’ Knipe has a new podcast for fans of horror comics! I hesitate to say side-cast since while he will always call Dead Air home, Panels of Blood is very much a robust show of its own. Hosted, produced and narrated by Wes, he takes us through some classic horror in between stand-out series that are either long time favourites of his or requested through polls by fans. For a busy Lydia, this is how I will finally be able to delve into Hack/Slash, so I am excited!

So, gather under the sluice grate, for the latest Panels of Blood podcast episode has been mucked off the slab ~

We’re starting a brand new multi-part story with that Slasher of Slashers, Cassie Hack! We read the Image Comics debut of Hack/Slash: My First Maniac.

It’s the story of how it all began. The pain, the trauma, the buckets of blood! It all starts, now!


Missing Richard Simmons – a podcast 

So, I listen to a lot of podcasts and since it’s horror or true crime, I know it’s not for everyone… hell, the show I’m on and the show I love (and am sometimes on!) Dead Air and BindTortureKast aren’t for everyone… but THIS is one of the best little shows and while not horror or crime it’s the creepiest thing ever.

Remember Richard Simmons? Remember how a few years ago he hit the news as an alleged victim of elder abuse? He’s gone full hermit, and then some. There is a six episode endeavour to ‘find’ him, and while people know where he is, that doesn’t mean Richard Simmons isn’t missed.
In a word, gripping.

Dead Air Ep 88 – Spider Baby

Gather under the sluice grate, for the latest Dead Air podcast episode has been mucked off the slab ~

We’re back and better than ever! It’s time to start the New Year right, with the very first episode of Dead Air of 2017! This time we talk about the 1968 fan requested film; Spider Baby.

Bruno is the caretaker of a trio of siblings that have an extremely rare disease called; Merrye Syndrome. Upon puberty a person suffering from this syndrome begins to regress mentally until they became feral cannibals. A little murder and mayhem brings notice that they will soon be visited by distant family members with an accompanying lawyer to discuss the families substantial estate.

Bruno and the family are on their best behavior but a house full of strangers with an agenda spells death, disaster and destruction, for this deranged, dysfunctional domain.