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typicalfilm – Where The Dead Go To Die

Where The Dead Go To Die  (2011)

Not only does this bluray case come emblazoned with a lovely sentiment from the creator himself, it came as a lovely gift from Chris. These things alone make it a treasure, and then I watched it. Should you not trust my judgment, head over to episode 5 of BindTortureKast and hear more about this film, and an interview with Jimmy Screamerclauz as well. After becoming a fan of Mister Screamerclauz’ music and seeing his contributions to other films and shorts, this viewing has been a long time coming. I can see many fans of horror having a hard time categorizing this, not only because it packs so much darkness into 95 minutes that it will make your head spin, but the delivery is as unpolished as a freshly broken femur – the meat still clings and the edges are very sharp.

Much of the story could serve as a gut-punch to your morals, but hey, that depends on where you’ve been and what you’ve seen, let alone what of the darkest facets of humankind that you’ve honestly contemplated with an unblinking eye and still heart. Some could cry that it’s a collection of images that the storyteller could ‘get away with’ which is a common opinion tossed out when talking extreme horror – but that’s not it at all – even in accepting that it would be nearly impossible to replicate half of this in live-action. Every frame (millions of the fucking things, surely) serves the story, as did Mister Screamerclauz evidently, as it’s only a tiny fraction as engrossing, distressing, infectious, and exhilarating to watch as it must have been to create.

This film made my day, so gracious thanks to Jimmy and of course Chris ~ without whom I’d have likely not had the opportunity. Now on to When Black Birds Fly!

typicalfilm – Baskin


Baskin (2015)

Not only is this another that you really need to see to be able to understand, it’s another film that is wonderfully covered on the amazing BindTortureKast. I found the first half mesmerizing… and that says a lot about how I reacted to the second half which is best described as hypnotic. Along with the interplay of colour, sound, gore and grime you have impeccable performances by basically every single person. The stand out star playing The Father could not have been a better choice. It seems the role, if not the entire film, was written for him. From the shorts on Evrenol’s site and the video that introduces us to this world, this filmmaker hopefully sticks with us in horror for a long time to come. It’s not a Hellraiser-ish place as many reviews have hinted at, so I’m glad I avoided those views and instead laughed along with the mainstream critics who obviously had no idea what they were in for but seemed to be secretly hoping for the next Bone Tomahawk.

Ottawa humans! This film will be at the Mayfair Theatre on April 27 and 28, presented by my pals at!

31 Days of Horror – October 10

Welcome to the super sized edition ~ As I was recording with Wes and off work for the day, I took advantage of the time and almost accidentally watched 5 films. One was a short, and believe it or not, I went grocery shopping and did some reading and housekeeping too.

HalloweenNight of the Demons (1988)

IMDB or Wiki

This is the next episode of Dead Air, so I will let the podcast tell all once it is posted next week. Suffice it to say, while the third entry to this series has it’s charms – this is really the best one.

Family First Bloodthirst (2015)

Just watch it on Youtube

As I had listened to the most recent episode of Bind Torture Kast (as noted in my Last Girl entry) just the day before, they had included a bonus review of this short film. There are scounds of short horror films on Youtube and Vimeo, and I really like when one gets a little attention so I had to check it out. The final act is well worth it, and the whole short is very well put together. Glad I took the few minutes to squeeze this one in.

Ghoul (2015)

IMDB or Wiki

After listening to my pal David Fairhead interview Joe Lynch for Kettle Whistle Radio, I decided to try and get my hands on Everly (finally) and rent Ghoul. Ghoul had been on my watch list as I was drawn to the idea of the spirit of Andrei Chikatilo coming back. A family favourite film in the Peever household was Citizen X (1995) for a time, and the story of the most dastardly serial killer of all time really stuck with me. Couldn’t find a way to see Everly though. If you like Joe Lynch though, we did cover Wrong Turn 2 on Dead Air.

Halloween I (1978)

IMDB or Wiki

I watch this every year it seems, though it also feels like I haven’t watched it enough. One half homework, and one half ‘seasons greetings’ for me, it was nice to watch this one all over again if only to set me up for my darling…

Halloween II (1981)

IMDB or Wiki

… Mister Sandman. Yes, this song runs though my head all of the time and I know it is thanks to this. Often pegged as my favourite horror film, it really has pretty much everything I want from the genre. Anything missing can likely be found in any one of the Halloween series, including the Rob Zombie versions. I like them all. Some more than others.

The 31 Days of Halloween ‘Challenge’ is where you take in one or more horror films per day during the month of October. Aside from networks airing more horror for the month, many forums and social networking sites do the same. See what others are watching on The Mortuary.