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ReAnimeTion – An Introduction

Starting next week, I will be featured bi-weekly on a horror podcast. Very exciting news! For the last few years I have tested the e-broadcast waters on Kettle Whistle Radio, participated in other ‘casts and been on the local radio station as well as recording my blogs and fiction to leave on my soundcloud page. All this was leading somewhere…

For the last while I have listened to what seems like a zillion horror podcasts. Over the last two years I have even developed some strict guidelines as to the podcasts I will subscribe to! There are so many; and so many levels of skill and so many different formats – no different than broadcast radio – it is hard to find a few I really grooved with.

Not only have I found a few ‘casts I just straight up adore, one had a call out for female talent with an open mind to programming. Lo and behold, my pilot episode of ReAnimeTion will air on the Dead as Hell Horror Podcast on August 8.

Dead As Hell is a well rounded horror show with movie reviews that have a tendency to cover the darker fare. There are book reviews too, which I am partial toward. I fill in the horror anime portion. You might think there is little to choose from, but woah, Nelly! There really is a lot of super dark anime. I’ll be watching it all so you don’t have to! Ever since Gatchaman in the late 70s I have been a fan of anime, but I tend to zero in on horror as I do with any entertainment media. Now, I’m no otaku. No expert. My pronunciation is shit and I probably only looked at the manga in the comic shoppe. What I want to do is simply share all the gory beasties, the chibi freaks, shadow-selves and tentacles. Yes, there will be tentacles.

Coming up on the pilot is Tokyo Ghoul, my current fascination. Soon after I will talk about Corpse Party, Wallflower, Ghost Hunt, Attack On Titan, Black Butler, Highschool Of The Dead, Pupa, Hell Girl, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Maybe even my beloved Death Note! Some may not be straight up horror titles, but it’s my job to highlight the genre-related bits and describe them in terms of our favorite horror films. Sounds like fun to me!

With each episode, I will upload the script here. Feel free to comment on that or on twitter, or wherever you feel at home online.

In the meantime, you can find Dead As Hell Horror Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, twitter and facebook – go to their site for episode roundups and see how else you can tune in!

I’ll see you soon, Dead As Hell!

Halloween in July, or In Absentia

Sigh, yes. I missed Halloween in July once again. Sorry Wonder Geeks *sadface* The photos snapped by Ottawa Horror (and hey, check out Amy’s latest ‘Would You Rather’ while you are there) only drove home how I really should have gone, but mild sunstroke and public drunkenness won out. Then there was all of the horror and writing related business last week, and this, and next that was occupying my head. I’ve been writing a little here and there, looking seriously at a few submission calls, and looking forward to this sort of stuff coming up this week:

i. First, and with luck always, I’ve done my part to bring you updates to the Horror Writers Association new release page. Love that art! I have to point out there is a new Samhain release in there from  Maynard Sims, alongside really beautiful art on the cover of Venus Intervention. Congratulations, authors.

ii. I’ve been listing to more horror podcasts, but must make you all listen to these eerie airwaves.Derek Newman-Stille of Speculating Canada interviews my editor and co-conspirator Sean Moreland on Trent Radio. Hear from the mind of a true horror scholar (or two!). Sean has taught at a number of universities in Ontario on horror and literature, let alone co-edited five (going on six) volumes of Postscripts To Darkness, an anthology I have contributed to and continue to enjoy.

iii. My good friend Kelly Taylor has a limited number of hand bound stories to send away. There are only a few left, but take a look at the packaging of ‘Gris’ on her site and learn how to have one sent to you. I just learned that I’ll have my own copy to fawn over soon enough. Thank you, Kelly! Last year, when I sent an exclusive print to a fan, and a prize pack to the Rue Morgue Podcast, I spent some time handcrafting the packaging. It makes for a different connection between you, your work, and the readers that receive it. There is much to be said about limited and lettered editions of horror, such at those from Subterranean Press, that only a few (or a few hundred) people can enjoy. Kelly made my burlesque outfit worn that one time on stage, so I know how she rolls with a needle and thread… darkly!

iv. Mandy DeGeit who you may recall from our appearance at the Small Press Book Fair last year is in a new benefit anthology, Operation: Ice Bat. So far, I’m two stories in and enjoying it, so snag a copy. Edited by Brian Keene, it features the next crop of dark horror authors whose names you best get used to.

v. The ChiSeries launch is this coming Friday, which nearly rounds off my week of horror happenings. I always end up being short on cash around the ChiZine merch tables, but that’s not all bad. It gives me time to mull over my purchases and skim a little of the cream off the crop with each visit. See, I’m spoiled. I get to see ChiZine stuff every three months or so at the ChiSeries Ottawa reading night, Can-Con, ComicCon or FanExpo.

Stalker much? Ha! Maybe I am, maybe I ain’t. Spooky? Sure. I don’t always creep around the CZP table, but when I do, I creep around and around.

vi. For the creepy melted icing on Aunt Bedelia’s Father’s Day cake of demented delights, there is a meet-and-greet at The Comic Book Shoppe on Saturday! From Mirror Comics to Best Destiny, I’ll be stopping in to say hello to some of my favourite creators. Zomkeys? Big Box Apocalypse? Sure ~ and with luck I can catch up with Janet Hetherington who is busy with screenplays and Kolchak, last I heard. Maybe a little Scooby Doo and Silver Surfer fanaticism will be had. Huzzah.

So, maybe I missed Halloween In July proper, meaning the paid event. My continuously blinking phone indicator light will tell you different. It’s kinda always Halloween around here, even more-so in July.


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Postscripts to Darkness 5 on CKCU

Postscripts to Darkness 5 was featured on CKCUs Literary Landscapes with Kate Hunt ~ She interviewed the lovely Ranylt Richildis regarding the upcoming issue, Volume 5. So exciting to see this twice annual anthology bloom like the delicate nightshade that it is.

Programs like this about books and reading are the soil these projects take root in. So many are only listened to by the authors, editors and publishers so it is up to us to make sure our readers and out-of-industry peers are made aware of them when we are on. They or you may discover books, authors and events that you want to check out or some new music in the case of Literary Landscapes which features some tunes.

Listen to the program here: ~ There is some music to start, and if you like you can skip up to the 11:00 mark where the interview starts. I’d give the timestamp of the point that the show host claims I blew her away at the last ChiSeries even I read at… but that would be cheeky, even for me.

Come and listen to some of the stories and meet some of the authors (past and present), if not editors as well, at Raw Sugar in Ottawa on the 31st of July. I’ll be around and hope to see you there. For more, and a look at the cover art and so much more by Ottawa artist and model, Cherry Valance, check out her tumblr by clicking the image, and head over to the PSTD site: