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Dead Air Ep 85 – The Woman In Black

Dead Air Podcast heads to Eel Marsh house in search of peat bog mummies with The Woman In Black.

Gather under the sluice grate, for the latest episode has been mucked off the slab ~

Arthur is a mild mannered lawyer and although his life has seen some significant personal tragedy his firm is giving him an ultimatum: close down the Drablow estate, or find a new job.

A long trip to the isolated village of Crythin Gifford brings him to the fabled Eel Marsh house but before too long a series of strange events see the local’s children dying in uncanny accidents that are more than they appear.

Soon, Arthur begins to discover the tragic history behind the old Eel Marsh house that spawned an undying hated that grips this town in fear.


typicalfilm – The Eyes of My Mother

The Eyes of My Mother (2016)

After seeing the trailer I entered into a small media embargo. It’s the sort of film that deserves to be seen with a fresh mind entirely, and not unlike Sun Choke and Goodnight Mommy, it’s not an easy film to describe. Not only because it’s a very personal film that your own thoughts on life, loneliness and madness will shape – it’s also a very simple film as well. The summary could be one sentence. What words you used would determine the effectiveness of that summary, however, and The Eyes of My Mother is an example of using those perfect words. Not one scene is filler. Not one shot is without substance. Not one word is wasted. Yes, it’s a beautiful film about a terrible world and being safely trapped between those two words ‘beautiful’ and ‘terrible’ is somehow the best place to be.

The first place I turned for any analysis or plain discussion was BindTortureKast – listen to episode 153 where they cover The Eyes of My Mother and talk horror till the cows come home. And get decapitated. And then have their eyeballs cut out by psychotic little girls.

This will be showing at The Mayfair Theatre, so Ottawa people really luck out! 

typicalfilm – Killbillies

wp-1481772506554.jpgKillbillies (2015)

This lovely Slovenian hillbilly horror is out from Artsploitation Films on Vimeo and I could not be happier. While it does have a lot of elements some many people cry foul over when it comes to splatter slasher down n’dirty films, those are the elements I do adore. When four city folk get taken hostage in deformed and drunken rednecks basements, I get all kinds of interested. Sure, it could be due to being unable to take the ‘country out of the girl’ or what have you, but I also find this a scary situation. And horror is supposed to scare you. And make you think. A lot of those things that make people ‘cry foul’ are also set to make you think. The illness of alcoholism, the poor treatment of women, having to survive with limited resources in unknown territory, and having your heroes be interlopers to a land they will never belong and can only damage: all things I love in film. Add to that a refreshing summer-scape of blue sky, tall trees and green grass and I’m even happier. It’s a wicked tundra here already so this was welcome. Hence, the original title of ‘Idyll’ since it is quite idyllic, and that is the main reason our four friends find themselves deep in the land ‘where men are men and sheep are nervous’. A few times I found the score a little out of place, too loud and jarring, but it is a fairly good soundtrack with some experimental noise that I really did like. Quite brutal, steeped in the inbred strain of the genre and not without it’s own quaint countryside charms, Killbillies was all I’d hoped it be, and then some. The end left me a little stunned, which is a nice cherry on top when it comes to this sort of film.