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Pray Lied Eve 2 – Now Available!


Thank you to all my readers, friends, family and fans for the support! There is more coming all too soon, so on the heels of the recent Memento Mori reprint of ‘Tapestry’ and now Pray Lied Eve 2, more dark fiction will be at your door soon enough.  I am awfully proud of this little book, which represents the short horror I have written this year.  Both the Kindle and paperback are there, and if you get the physical copy, you can then get the ebook free. That’s always been the way I’d like books to be so here you go.

If you have any input or questions, let me know, and do leave a review on goodreads, amazon or your blog or wherever you like.

You can find the listing here and more on my author page

The Ringer was written for and read aloud at the Wicked Library’s Halloween special. You can download or listen to the episode read by author, friend, madman and the voice of The Librarian himself Nelson W. Pyles. Thank you to Nelson and Dan for being such tremendous support to not only me but countless other authors crawling from their basements. I’m proud to be in the Wicked Library Holding Pen among you all. Please give a listen.

Jack And The Box had bounced around in my head after seeing a prompt for carnival stories. It took a year to take shape and by then that submission call had come and gone. It likely would not have fit in that particular box anyhow.

Midway Park was written for a Halloween anthology, as was Hopscotch Halloween . Both have elements I will revisit someday-the child’s game and the park built over mass graves-as they are just too fun to pass up.

As Is, Where Is was written most recently. Most of the dead people’s things are still around the house somewhere.

Widow’s Wake was written the night before reading it at the first Rue Morgue Dark Carnival Sic Fic competition. While not entirely fictional, I wish it were. The story had written itself over and over in my mind for a decade and I am very pleased to have it out.

Short tales of confusion, fear, and hopelessness.

Horror, weird tales, quiet stories of the supernatural… call them what you will, these six stories serve as a following to the first three dark offerings of Pray Lied Eve. This second installment is longer and delves more deeply into realms perhaps best left undisturbed. Sadness, thoughts of revenge, scenes of torture; many people find themselves exploring these things alone so Pray Lied Eve will offer to be your guide.



typicalbook – Wild Fell

Wild Fell, by Michael Rowe

Worthy of the Shirley Jackson award and then some, I’m very glad I’d taken Sean Moreland’s advice (and of the ChiZine crew) and picked this up. I love a good ghost story and now I’ve been able to read one of the contemporary best. Based in Alvina, Ontario, it has a special resonance since I’m from the north and did have an ancestor named Alvina. Always thought that was a pretty name and wondered if it were a pretty place…

According to Wild Fell it may be but it’s also terribly haunted. Haunted in that way all small towns can be. The mansion itself, Wild Fell proper, is right up at the top of the list of fine literary haunted houses now. Rowe is also now at the top of my list of fine Canadian authors too. 

Recently I’ve been participating in a workshop group of writers. It’s been really helpful already. Just having others work to dissect, new stories to dig into, and some feedback on my own work. Precious. I’d spent most of my learning to write by reading wonderful stuff like Wild Fell. Maybe a little too much reading and not enough writing, but that feels like splitting hairs. Between having some really great new authors writing this new dark weird and some of them to toss ideas around with, I feel much better equipped in my own work lately. It’s a nice feeling to have. 

typicalreads – Anthologies, Gutted and Madhouse

Two wonderful horror anthologies came out last week; Gutted, and Madhouse. Of the two, I opted for one in print and one digital. The amount of really good, if not truly important, horror books coming out is cost prohibitive at best. Impossible to keep up with at worst. Anthologies offer a dessert platter and these two up the ante by being illustrated. That was the shiny sparkle I loved about being published in Postscripts To Darkness, as having a story illustrated is a near magical and humbling thing for an author. Tied for first with  hearing another person read your work out loud.

GuttedGutted is getting a lot of press. Like, a Lot of press. It has an impressive list of contributors and lovely cover art. I figure is has a lot of traction so I opted for the ebook figuring I may find a print version someday.

MADHOUSEMadhouse, however, has been a lurking quiet release. It’s not all over my social media but damn, madness is my wheelhouse so I ordered the print version. With an equally impressive roster of authors, it strikes me as somewhat darker. Since I had such a good time with the John Skipp edited collection ‘Psychos’, then ‘Madness’ should push all those same hidden buttons.

There seems to be a real boom at the moment in horror anthologies, not only in submission calls, but in real quality books on shelves. If you’ve complained in the past of picking up something that only has one gem among coal then these should tap that vein. If not, there is always The Best Horror of the Year where my favourite editor Tobin Elliot (who helped in polishing Nightface and two thirds of Pray Lied Eve) gets a mention for his story in Expiration Date – another fine anthology itself.