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typicalfilm – Oct 30 – Art of the Devil 2

Art of the Devil 2 (2005)

One thousand thank you’s to Chris for gifting me his near-lost copy of this Thai horror. Last year I had started watching this on FlixFling only to have the stream stop around the 42 minute mark. They refunded me, but I never did get to see the end. And what an end it is! Turns out it had pooped out just as the cat was let out of the bag, so to speak, and the gore and insanity just ramped up from there. I’d been into the story as it was, so it was a pleasure to start over and will be one I’ll watch again. Far more interesting than the first film and a really great entry to my Asian horror library.

typicalfilm- Oct 3 -Chained

Chained (2012)

Not a wonder that Jennifer Lynch could come up with the most striking film I’ve seen in a long time. Since seeing the trailer ages ago, it’s been on my list and only recently it became a very affordable rental on iTunes. I should have bought it, but honestly, it’s going to be worth the physical purchase when I get around to it. Bindtorturekast had covered it for their episode 71 – which I’d completely forgotten since I’d been in ‘no spoiler’ mode – and I’ve not heard a peep elsewhere. Surprising, since it’s not only a beautiful film and remarkably shot, written, and acted; Chained is absolutely terrifying. For a girl that loves gore and action, this understated journey through two of the most messed up lives ever blows most horror out of the water. Quietly. 

typicalfilm – Oct 2 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning  (2008)

I’d partially watched this after hearing Chris and Luke of BindTortureKast try to recall the gore level of this film and the difference between the cut and unrated versions. Also, since we have a huge Halloween episode coming up on Dead Air where we’ll be all over the original TCM 1 and 2, I wanted to get into the Hewitt story before getting back into my beloved Sawyers. It’s a very nice entry into the Leatherface story anyhow, even if all the Hollywood glam does kind of gloss over the grit. Mealtime is always the best time in Texas I gather, and though the gore is poorly lit, panned or quick cut, it does have a very cool intro to the birth of their pet monster.