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typicalfilm – Oct 31 – The Woman In Black

wibThe Woman In Black (2012)

What a lovely return to this film. Wes and I had just been talking about it, how we likely ended up at the same screening, and how we have not watched it since. Howard wrote a fine review for Ottawa Horror and Wes, likewise, on Splatterpictures. I just pulled my blanket closer ’round and reveled in a classic haunted house story. Eel Marsh is my home, and I myself am some sort of woman in black. I’ve dressed as her last year for Halloween and trussed up a friend in the same guise this year. This may be coming soon to a Dead Air episode near you so be warned! There is just so much done right in this very simple story and for once I am a fan of popular modern horror – probably because it is Hammer’s return to us with such an old tale.

It was the happiest of Halloweens here and I do hope everyone else had a horror filled one too! My posts were delayed due to the app on my phone adding a superfluous span tag and doubling letters as I typed. So, while I’d had an uncommonly lovely Halloween vacation where I barely touched my laptop that meant this was on the back burner. But, the films were watched! Even a few more but unlike last year where I listed every little thing that crossed my eyes, I figured the cream of the crop was due. Two mentions must be made – Adam Green’s Halloween short “Don’t Do It” was silly fun, with voice acting by Sid Haig that made my day – and Ian Bracken’s short “Closet Case” that made me want to check in with all my indie film pals to see how they were getting on and nudge them to reach for these kind of heights in sound, monster, and light design. So, as ever, I will still be basically watching a film per day though neglecting my blog somewhat until next year. We posted his viewing on Instagram and perhaps that is the better way… ah well, only 363 days to Halloween!

typicalfilm – Oct 30 – Art of the Devil 2

Art of the Devil 2 (2005)

One thousand thank you’s to Chris for gifting me his near-lost copy of this Thai horror. Last year I had started watching this on FlixFling only to have the stream stop around the 42 minute mark. They refunded me, but I never did get to see the end. And what an end it is! Turns out it had pooped out just as the cat was let out of the bag, so to speak, and the gore and insanity just ramped up from there. I’d been into the story as it was, so it was a pleasure to start over and will be one I’ll watch again. Far more interesting than the first film and a really great entry to my Asian horror library.

typicalfilm РOct 29 РI Am The Pretty Thing That Lives in the House 

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House (2016)

Filmed in Ottawa, this US-Canada¬†production has been getting quite a bit of buzz. A Netflix original, it is in line with the work of Shirley Jackson and films like Darling and even more popular ghost stories to date. Created by the son of Anthony Perkins, it has horror hommage moments tempered with a very quiet and truly sweet story. Many have noted the slow-burn nature and while true it also lacks a little something so to say ‘slow-burn’ feels vague. Now the butt of many asinine twitter hashtags, it’s really one that must be seen to mull over its vague and quiet peculiarities.