Small Press Book Fair – June 13th 2015

Helper Bat will be helping, along with Weak and Weary while I hang out at the Span-O Ottawa Small Press Book Fair. It’s this Saturday, June 13th, so short notice but hey “the best plan is no plan,” my father always said.

This will mark something like my sixth session at the Jack Purcell Community Centre drinking coffee and talking horror with all the daywalkers.

Always great to see other dark fiction authors, and this time I get to share space with Kelly A. Taylor. A fine writer of dark and somewhat apocalyptic fiction from what I have read so far, I’ve known Kelly for a few years and can’t wait to see what she brings to the table – literally!

There will be copies of Pray Lied Eve, a few copies of a Single Tale entitled ‘Turnstile’ (not available anywhere since it’s really that terrible) and maybe some Crocodile Rot. I have a few copies of Postscripts to Darkness as well.

More on the author stuff, I have been wrangled into the holding pen over at The Wicked Library. I’m in good company, and though the floor is cold it is kept dry and the food is good – so long as I beat the others to the trough. Have a look and a listen ~ thanks!