Lydia Peever is a horror author and journalist from Ontario, Canada. She is a big fan of horror music, books, and film–so anywhere there is blood, you will probably find her lurking somewhere in the corner.

Her short stories have appeared in Postscripts To Darkness, Dark Moon Digest, For When The Veil Drops, Memento Mori, her small collection, Pray Lied Eve and it’s sequel Pray Lied Eve 2. The follow up to her first novel Nightface has also been written.

In her spare time, she helps update the new releases section of the Horror Writers Association website, photographs zombie walks or bloody punk rock bands, and records a few podcasts like Splatterpictures Dead Air. She also talks about horror books on Youtube at typicalbooks.


Pray Lied Eve
Pray Lied Eve 2

Model Hearts  -in Allucinor: Element of Romance
Tapestry – in Postscripts To Darkness 4
Crocodile Rot – in Dark Moon Digest 10
Thicker Than – in For When The Veil Drops



Jamais Vu: The Journal of Strange Among the Familiar, Xalt Magazine, Missy/Ink Magazine, The Ottawa Citizen


Dead Air – current podcast with Wes ‘Dead Air’ Knipe on
typicalbooks – my sporadically updated youtube show
Ottawa Horror
Dead As Hell Horror Podcast
Kettle Whistle Radio
Dreadful Tales
Foreword in Wake The Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales by Christian Baloga

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