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Halloween Podcasts and Treats

PrayLiedEve-FrontCover-200Every day may be Halloween, but when it comes to horror art, every Halloween is so very different.

Sure, I am giving away Pray Lied Eve again this year. Seeing as so many downloaded the three-story collection and raved about it, just as many missed out. So, my stories will be free on Kindle from October 27 to midnight on All Hallows Eve. Of course, if you want them now there are e-books and paperback on Amazon.

There is a Halloween themed story too!

“Kaia is haunted by fingerprints marring the basement door. No matter how hard she scrubs, they return day after day. The only things in the cellar are old Halloween decorations, and she double checks, everyday.” – of ‘Everyday’ featured in Pray Lied Eve.

Now we get to the different part. Last year I was featured on The Wicked Library and again this year, but as a standalone story. As mentioned in the previous post, ‘Tapestry’ will be read by the extra wicked Nelson Pyles. The show was pushed back a week, but that is okay by me, wanna know why?

Triple Shot! Not only will I be on The Wicked Library, there will be a new Dead As Hell Horror Podcast coming, and from what I gather, the episode after that is a special for the season. I pre-taped a nice little extra for that show about a topic and author very dear to me, so wait and listen for that. Also, Wes and I have shows in the can, and as part of the regular Dead Air horror podcast weekly special right now, one of those sexy beasts is being unleashed.  Rawr.

Three podcasts. All Lydia. Can you dig it like a deep, deep grave?!  I can. Check out Dead Air. In the most recent issue, we talk about ‘Macabre’ which I suspect only half of you have seen. It was spotted on the Netflix, so add it to your 30 Days Of Horror viewing ~

The Wicked Library – Episode 507

Tapestry – Rob Thompson

This coming Friday, I will have a story featured on the creepy cool podcast The Wicked Library! It will mark the fourth appearance of my work, and third season I’ve been included on. Pretty Exciting if you ask me. The last few stories have been exceptional. Not that every story that makes the cut there isn’t, just lately the picks have had my rapt attention and actually creeped me out. Notably, the sci-fi-horror “Cutting the Cord” by Joseph Williams and “Dog Days” by Mae March. Really solid scares there.

The Librarian will be reading “Tapestry” which was published last year in Postscripts To Darkness 4. It was paired with artwork by Rob Thompson, which I am still insanely flattered over.

Anyhow, until the episode artwork is unveiled and the show on the road, here are some of the previous seasons I’ve been on. Follow them on twitter @WickedLibrary, facebook or check their website for more linkage. Thank you, Nelson (and hey, buy his book of which I am a superfan) and Maddie Von Stark. You two do a stellar job bringing the fear for everyone to hear ~

Thicker Than – Episode 401 – originally published in For When The Veil Drops

Bad Shepherd – Special Episode and Episode 206 – originally published in Pray Lied Eve

Someday – Halloween Special – web exclusive story!


Once the episode is up I will update here. So excited to hear Nelson’s voice over new equipment reading my stuff again, and ever so grateful I can be part of your Wicked Library experience.


Dead Cells horror anime podcast: Parasyte

Hi there, i am typicallydia and welcome to Reanimation on the dead as hell horror podcast. today we are going to talk about the very recent anime Parasyte – The Maxim.

This is from Studio Madhouse, who you may know from Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Death Note, and Chobits. They have worked with Marvel and Studio Ghibli, so all of that means this is sure to be a tightly tuned and high quality anime. The story handling remains to be seen, yet so far I find it gory, moody and well written.

It is adapted from the manga written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki, published from 1990 to 1995. Tokyopop and Del Rey released it in North America, and I am kind of surprised it took this long to develop into a series. It’s kind of exploded though, with the first of two live action films that will hit japan on Halloween this year, Ii can’t wait to see what sort of reception it gets and future releases overseas.

The theme song, as I mentioned in a previous episode is growing on me. Like a parasite maybe. “Let Me Hear” by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is worth searching out on YouTube to give you an idea of the anime style if you watch the opening credits.

The story so far revolves around Shinichi Izumi a seventeen year old student. Shinichi has what his parents think is a nightmare about a snake burrowing into his arm. By the next day he is feeling weird and already has improved reflexes. His hand isn’t behaving properly otherwise, groping a girl at school and fidgiting with his smartphone in class, when he isn’t the type to do these things. It is only when he threatens his right hand that it starts talking to him. As messed up as that is, in it’s kinda adorable, childish and sleepy little voice.

It has it’s own personality and learns fast. it can sense other parasites but has no recollection of what it is or where it came from. all it knows is that it matured in his hand before it could hit his brain and take over his body, much to the misfortune of them both.

Meanwhile, other parasites have infected others and a rash of violent murder is taking place in Tokyo. it even affects  animals like dogs in a rather creepy meeting with a doggy host. if you are cranky about animals being hurt in horror, be careful as the dog does not make it. there are other scenes of animal cruelty, and though avenged and part if the plot, some may not like it.

If you are okay about people being slaughtered though, the second episode starts out with a splash! It becomes apparent the other parasite hosts are impossibly strong. In contrast, Migi, meaning right as in right hand, is still adorable.

The killings are happening worldwide and dubbed “The Mincemeat Murders” on account of the state of the horribly mutilated corpses. Shinichi is the only one that seems to know why this is all happening, though other hosts seem somewhat sentient and seem to be seeking him out.

Fans of Videodrome, From Beyond and even the liquid morphing T2 will enjoy the transformations which are awfully visceral. My only complaint is they border on silly looking most times. Not one attack so far hasn’t looked a little silly. I suppose we can’t argue what looks possible and impossible here, as the transformations depicted seem more magical than biological so we enter a bio-illogical place which makes body horror less fun in my opinion, when you don’t have the supernatural to explain it away.For body horror to really be effective, in my opinion, it need to adhere to earth physics, biological truths and physiological tolerances.

Until a supernatural presence explains the plasticity of humans infected, I’ll just grin and bear it. The score helps. Typical anime upbeat synthy flute music is co-mingled with harsh dubstep. I prefer my anime with metal, but I’m won over by the placement of the abrasive music as it rends your attention while bodies are being rent in half. Always a nice mix.

So Parasyte – it is airing right now on NTV and being simulcast on crunchyroll. As we speak I am waiting on episode three, so if you haven’t checked this out yet it is a good time to catch up on it.

If you have a favourite body horror anime or infectious parasite j-horror, let me know on the Dead as Hell Horror Podcast website at, or wherever you hang out online. This has been ReAnimeTion and I am typicallydia.