31 Days of Horror – October 5

Death Parade (2015)

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A new horror anime is always a treat. While screening stuff for an upcoming Dead Cells episode I checked out the first two episodes of this. Certainly worth the time, and it will be on a future podcast for sure. Very Twilight Zone feeling to this dark little game.

Dark Was The Night (2014)

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Another film chosen due to a Bind Torture Kast review, and one I enjoyed very much. Nothing like a town in panic due to a cloven-hoof monster. Not usually a fan of monster films, I did like the way this one behaved and the way the town people behaved was also very believable. In a way, this reminded me of The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh (2012) with creature design and the demeanour of the lead. The end was kind of perfect too.

The 31 Days of Halloween ‘Challenge’ is where you take in one or more horror films per day during the month of October. Aside from networks airing more horror for the month, many forums and social networking sites do the same. See what others are watching on The Mortuary.