31 Days of Horror – October 31

For the sake of time I began my Halloween viewing at midnight on Devil’s Night. Since I have Can Con events tomorrow, and a Patron Saint of Plagues show to attend, and a recorded live episode of Bind Torture Kast to get into, I figured I’d get rolling with the most fitting picks on the holiest of my holy days, Halloween. Both have perfect titles though easily confused. One is an anthology and one is dark woodsy horror. Either way, perfect viewing by candlelight for the spookiest day of the year.

Have a dark and unsettling one.


All Hallow’s Eve 2 (2015)

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From the first segment I knew I’d like this as much as the first installment. Then, add Julian Richings in the next, and I was pleased. Bill Oberst as a carnival barker was a treat and the only trick was that the wraparound wasn’t as integrated as All Hallow’s Eve 1. Unlike most anthologies, every single segment here has it’s merits and every single one is acted and filmed extremely well. Perfect holiday viewing, and that Jack O’lantern mask is creepier than I thought! Pro-tip here, you don’t need to put the whole pumpkin on while it’s face will do.

All Hallows Eve: October 30th (2015)

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This marks my first YouTube rental. I really thought I’d like this best of the two, being kind of backwoods, but it’s really just the lesser film by comparison. Very cult and occult influenced to start, the acting is just not on par with what I was hoping for then just gets worse. As does the camera work.

The 31 Days of Horror ‘Challenge’ is where you take in one or more horror films per day during the month of October. I had a lot of fun participating for once even though this is mostly representative of what I’d watch any given day. Writing it all out only kind of puts this in perspective, as I already knew how much film I consumed. Also, this does not account for the books and music, all horror themed! This ‘hobby’ or affection I have for horror has been a lifelong habit and something that has really got me through some really shitty times in life and also made the good parts really, really good. This time of year heralds the coming winter which I don’t look forward to for many reasons. The least of which being depression, which pretty much kicks in today. Where some people whine about loneliness on Valentines or Christmas, Halloween is about the only time my being single for over a decade really hits home. It’s not even the things you’d expect like couples costumes or kids and candy – things that might spark loneliness in average people – but something else. A reminder that when I say ‘everything I really love to do I end up doing by myself’ is really too true. Suppose that this is the way I prefer it, so I won’t say it’s an unhappy time by any means. I’m just very glad that for a little while the rest of the world is in tune and I can watch the seasons crop of horror, more bands release scary tunes, and horror authors release their darlings. For what is my brightest time of year, there is that nagging dark side however, so I am very grateful for the distractions! Bats, rats and cats! Blood, bones and bodies! Skulls, spiders and spooks! Thank you to all manner of dark and crawling things. Without this, I don’t know who I’d be.

See what others watched on The Mortuary which I always creep year ’round as a great list of horror. Happy Halloween!