31 Days of Horror – October 3

LastGirlRe-Animator (1985)

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This was a pick for Dead Air podcast, and a real treat. Over the summer I started reading Lovecraft chronologically as best I could. There are numerous copies of his short works in the house, and I have a collection on Kindle as well. This is the best adaptation of all.

Last Girl (2013)

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Over the summer this popped up on a recommendation list on IMDB and a little searching found an article on Horrormovies.ca. The trailer was pretty fantastic and I have to say I liked this one a lot. Glad it was available on VOD in Canada as so many titles are not. Bind Torture Kast covered this recently and they do a better job of explaining it than I.

The 31 Days of Halloween ‘Challenge’ is where you take in one or more horror films per day during the month of October. Aside from networks airing more horror for the month, many forums and social networking sites do the same. See what others are watching on The Mortuary.

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