31 Days of Horror – October 29


Coffin Baby (2013)

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Known just as well as Tool Box Killer II, Coffin Baby: The Toolbox Killer is Back or TBK: The Toolbox Murders 2, I prefer the original title. This is a good return to the horror I like best from watching some classics, some sleepy thrillers and a few unique picks. TBK is a good example of how to weave gore and story into a very effective horror film. Those who accuse this of being to heavy on splatter aren’t looking past the blood, and those who pass it off as derivative aren’t appreciating what a well made film it is. If only more horror worked out like this film did! Watching it felt like my birthday as it seems someone finally made a very fun film just for me.

Fifteen (2015)

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Aired on Twitter’s Periscope, I was going to pass this up but… hey, it was fifteen minutes of some kind of horror history, right? A live one shot film aired with input from viewers. Plot wise, this was really plain and I honestly expected far more creativity considering the thought put into the delivery concept. I’d love to see Joshua Hoffine do something like this, since he is where creativity and delivery are honed to the sharpest point.

The 31 Days of Horror ‘Challenge’ is where you take in one or more horror films per day during the month of October. Aside from networks airing more horror for the month, many forums and social networking sites do the same. See what others are watching on The Mortuary.