31 Days of Horror – October 10

Welcome to the super sized edition ~ As I was recording with Wes and off work for the day, I took advantage of the time and almost accidentally watched 5 films. One was a short, and believe it or not, I went grocery shopping and did some reading and housekeeping too.

HalloweenNight of the Demons (1988)

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This is the next episode of Dead Air, so I will let the podcast tell all once it is posted next week. Suffice it to say, while the third entry to this series has it’s charms – this is really the best one.

Family First Bloodthirst (2015)

Just watch it on Youtube

As I had listened to the most recent episode of Bind Torture Kast (as noted in my Last Girl entry) just the day before, they had included a bonus review of this short film. There are scounds of short horror films on Youtube and Vimeo, and I really like when one gets a little attention so I had to check it out. The final act is well worth it, and the whole short is very well put together. Glad I took the few minutes to squeeze this one in.

Ghoul (2015)

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After listening to my pal David Fairhead interview Joe Lynch for Kettle Whistle Radio, I decided to try and get my hands on Everly (finally) and rent Ghoul. Ghoul had been on my watch list as I was drawn to the idea of the spirit of Andrei Chikatilo coming back. A family favourite film in the Peever household was Citizen X (1995) for a time, and the story of the most dastardly serial killer of all time really stuck with me. Couldn’t find a way to see Everly though. If you like Joe Lynch though, we did cover Wrong Turn 2 on Dead Air.

Halloween I (1978)

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I watch this every year it seems, though it also feels like I haven’t watched it enough. One half homework, and one half ‘seasons greetings’ for me, it was nice to watch this one all over again if only to set me up for my darling…

Halloween II (1981)

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… Mister Sandman. Yes, this song runs though my head all of the time and I know it is thanks to this. Often pegged as my favourite horror film, it really has pretty much everything I want from the genre. Anything missing can likely be found in any one of the Halloween series, including the Rob Zombie versions. I like them all. Some more than others.

The 31 Days of Halloween ‘Challenge’ is where you take in one or more horror films per day during the month of October. Aside from networks airing more horror for the month, many forums and social networking sites do the same. See what others are watching on The Mortuary.