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There is a first for everything, and not long after I articulated the desire to be invited to an anthology, that it happened. I’d also been toying with the idea of writing romance… but how did these two lovebirds get killed with one stone? Tobin Elliott, that’s how. My favourite editor and sage author worked on this and extended an invite to me from the ID Press team. I was lucky enough to be accepted and doubly lucky to have a really strong set of editors get my story ‘Model Hearts’ into shape.

This is a collection of romance stories by authors who have never written romance before, so there is an emphasis on story, on stretching boundaries and of course tinges from each writer’s comfort zone.

You can pick it up on Amazon and check out the ID Press site, as their next anthology is an experiment in crime writing – another place I really want to peek into!


typicalbooks 25 – The Snowman – by Jo Nesbo – Crime novel review

While not a horror novel, The Snowman by Jo Nesbo is a dark crime story set in the backdrop of chilly Norway. There are no serial killers in Norway, according to inspector Harry Hole’s counterparts, yet he is determined to track down and stop a killer that fits the bill. Fans of Seven, Silence of the Lambs and Citizen X will like this revolting romp and you can see why crime and horror sometimes share the same shelf.

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