New HWA Releases – notes for authors

HWA-newreleases-2016-Aug19Hello wicked writer! This is a reminder I’ve posted on the Horror Writers Association facebook page, to submit your upcoming releases for the newsletter, member’s books gallery on and the side-scrolling gallery of amazing horror awesomeness that is on the main site! Next month’s releases are complied by the 15th, but you can submit now for books coming out anytime after and I’ll post them as time creeps toward the street date.
The form mentions the turnaround time, though rest assured, I’ve been able to post on a near-weekly basis for a while now. It’s volunteer based so the disclaimer stands but I do aim for the posting to be up within a week of release.
Past releases may or may not make it in as some titles submitted came out too long ago so if it isn’t a reprint or new edition, the room is best used for upcoming work.
Thank you!