Dead Air Ep 60 – Cabin Fever

Gather under the sluice grate, for the latest Dead Air podcast episode has been mucked off the slab ~

WARNING WARNING: We have some bad audio in this episode. Not sure what happened but we figured it was better to give you a shitty sounding episode over no episode. Forgive us! We make up for it by talking all about the 2002 infection splatterfest Cabin Fever. A group of recent college grads head up to a cabin to enjoy a week of sex, drinking and fun but an encounter with a very sick local wondering in the woods exposes them to an aggressive infection that eats them from the inside out. Can any of them escape back to civilization before time runs out? Also we talk extensively about Lydia’s upcoming projects. For more episodes check out


Deep Dark


Deep Dark (2015)

For a story so minimal, this kept me enraptured as I’d have been discovering a hole in the wall like this. One that talked, one that truly communicated. Deep Dark is an interesting title for this film, since it is only as deep and dark as you let it be. As is the lead character, and I don’t mean Hermann. It serves as a comment on distance relationships though the people in them here are deeply dysfunctional, the comment itself is as deep and dark as you choose to make it. Some of the visual themes and small patterns are so very subtle, that I’m glad it’s a fairly uncluttered film; strands, cords, tethers, symmetry, balance… even some mirrored dialogue, it’s all very organic to the plot and this is the worst run on sentence I think I’ve ever written.