Dead Air Ep 61 – Demons

Gather under the sluice grate, for the latest Dead Air podcast episode has been mucked off the slab ~

Coming at you Fast As A Shark! No need for formal wear cause this ain’t no White Wedding! Oh no it’s a sneak preview of the latest and greatest episode of DEAD AIR. This week we rip our tickets and head to the theater where the floors are sticky with puss, bile and effluence, We tackle the classic 80’s Italian splatterfest; Demons! Horror juggernauts Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava deliver an unforgettable night at the movies! Also, Wes and Lydia lament theater etiquette. For more episodes check out


typicalfilm – I Melt With You


I Melt With You (2011)

When I was first told about this, the first thing it brought to mind was a story I wrote in high school. It was called ‘Swam’ and had a lot to do with 4 guys reuniting and all of the horrible things they had done in life while aging, or all the horrible things aging had done to their lives. By the end, there was death, for sure, not unlike I Melt With You. There is a message from the director in the special features regarding the music. He speaks about the music choice and how it is more than backdrop, but part of the landscape. I love the intention, though the application… perhaps I’d wanted more. Also, I found the volume fluctuations–while realistic, yes–jarring. For the casual viewer this may prove more hard hitting, especially to those who haven’t properly contemplated their future vis a vis their past then hit middle-age like a face-first brick wall. An interesting entry to the drug-culture take on bleak mid-life crises. This was something that was certainly on my mind in high-school, and it would have fit really well back then, as would the soundtrack. It also serves to make me very glad I have not aged like this. NOTE: Not horror.

typicalfilm – Awaiting


Awaiting (2015)

The poster caught my eye with promises of cannibalism and a minimalist aesthetic. There were rumblings from the past Fantasia film festival that sparked hunger pangs and I’d been patient for this one since the buzz died, and I wasn’t exactly champing at the bit, so it fell off my radar. Through the first half I was certainly ‘awaiting’ something substantial to happen. Something more visually interesting than the characters themselves. That said, it did a good job of creating a snapshot of the dysfunctional daddy daughter duo, similar to that in The Loved Ones, just way less fun. The second half delivers, and while the endgame has enough originality to overtake the taste of predictability there is some unpalatable CG. Yeah, if there is an aftertaste you just can’t kill, it’s After Effects. With a lovely set-piece that you just wanted to spend more than a few poorly rendered seconds with, or relentless motion capture CG… Now, it’s not without some very very lovely practical effects related to one of the main characters escape attempts, and the tension between him and the daddy daughter duo is delicious, so I did have fun with it–but I am glad I waited.