typicalfilm – Where The Dead Go To Die

Where The Dead Go To Die  (2011)

Not only does this bluray case come emblazoned with a lovely sentiment from the creator himself, it came as a lovely gift from Chris. These things alone make it a treasure, and then I watched it. Should you not trust my judgment, head over to episode 5 of BindTortureKast and hear more about this film, and an interview with Jimmy Screamerclauz as well. After becoming a fan of Mister Screamerclauz’ music and seeing his contributions to other films and shorts, this viewing has been a long time coming. I can see many fans of horror having a hard time categorizing this, not only because it packs so much darkness into 95 minutes that it will make your head spin, but the delivery is as unpolished as a freshly broken femur – the meat still clings and the edges are very sharp.

Much of the story could serve as a gut-punch to your morals, but hey, that depends on where you’ve been and what you’ve seen, let alone what of the darkest facets of humankind that you’ve honestly contemplated with an unblinking eye and still heart. Some could cry that it’s a collection of images that the storyteller could ‘get away with’ which is a common opinion tossed out when talking extreme horror – but that’s not it at all – even in accepting that it would be nearly impossible to replicate half of this in live-action. Every frame (millions of the fucking things, surely) serves the story, as did Mister Screamerclauz evidently, as it’s only a tiny fraction as engrossing, distressing, infectious, and exhilarating to watch as it must have been to create.

This film made my day, so gracious thanks to Jimmy and of course Chris ~ without whom I’d have likely not had the opportunity. Now on to When Black Birds Fly!

typicalreads – Anthologies, Gutted and Madhouse

Two wonderful horror anthologies came out last week; Gutted, and Madhouse. Of the two, I opted for one in print and one digital. The amount of really good, if not truly important, horror books coming out is cost prohibitive at best. Impossible to keep up with at worst. Anthologies offer a dessert platter and these two up the ante by being illustrated. That was the shiny sparkle I loved about being published in Postscripts To Darkness, as having a story illustrated is a near magical and humbling thing for an author. Tied for first with  hearing another person read your work out loud.

GuttedGutted is getting a lot of press. Like, a Lot of press. It has an impressive list of contributors and lovely cover art. I figure is has a lot of traction so I opted for the ebook figuring I may find a print version someday.

MADHOUSEMadhouse, however, has been a lurking quiet release. It’s not all over my social media but damn, madness is my wheelhouse so I ordered the print version. With an equally impressive roster of authors, it strikes me as somewhat darker. Since I had such a good time with the John Skipp edited collection ‘Psychos’, then ‘Madness’ should push all those same hidden buttons.

There seems to be a real boom at the moment in horror anthologies, not only in submission calls, but in real quality books on shelves. If you’ve complained in the past of picking up something that only has one gem among coal then these should tap that vein. If not, there is always The Best Horror of the Year where my favourite editor Tobin Elliot (who helped in polishing Nightface and two thirds of Pray Lied Eve) gets a mention for his story in Expiration Date – another fine anthology itself.

Dead Air Ep 62 – The Stuff

Gather under the sluice grate, for the latest Dead Air podcast episode has been mucked off the slab ~ http://ift.tt/28YbY9Z

Enough is never enough of The Stuff! We hope you’re hungry because we’re serving up a big ol’ bowl of Dead Air! This week it’s a fan requested film in the form of the 1985 killer junk-food movie; The Stuff! A seemingly irresistible new food product has hit the streets all across America and while some people seem content to wolf it down in huge quantities others are noticing that fans of this freaky foodstuff are acting as if under the control of something sinister. Certain people see through the shiny 80’s ad campaigns and start questioning just what is in The Stuff? It would appear to be a seamless mesh of horror, action and comedy that won’t add to your waistline!