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decayDecay (2015)

In what could be the sexiest podcast crossover ever, Chris from Bind Torture Kast had little old me on for a show to talk about this film. Stream, download, listen, enjoy. One of my new most favourite films talked about with my favourite human ever, what could go wrong? Oddly, nothing. It’s probably the best show ever.

BindTortureKast – 130 – Decay is in the Air

This one doesn’t seem to be getting as much attention, and now that I’ve seen it I’m not sure why. Startlingly atmospheric for a film revolving around one man and his new cadaver, I found it a really touching story. Mental illness is sometimes treated poorly in film, especially horror. I’ve my gripes with stereotypes and while this shows OCD fixations to a nearly comic degree, it serves to reflect the dire state of the main characters mental state. There are elements tied into the end that smack of cliche though I find them drowned with the visual and aural creativity put into building the world that Jonathan is willingly trapped in. Apparently this is based on a true story so I’ll be poking around to find more on that.