typicalfilm – Baskin


Baskin (2015)

Not only is this another that you really need to see to be able to understand, it’s another film that is wonderfully covered on the amazing BindTortureKast. I found the first half mesmerizing… and that says a lot about how I reacted to the second half which is best described as hypnotic. Along with the interplay of colour, sound, gore and grime you have impeccable performances by basically every single person. The stand out star playing The Father could not have been a better choice. It seems the role, if not the entire film, was written for him. From the shorts on Evrenol’s site and the video that introduces us to this world, this filmmaker hopefully sticks with us in horror for a long time to come. It’s not a Hellraiser-ish place as many reviews have hinted at, so I’m glad I avoided those views and instead laughed along with the mainstream critics who obviously had no idea what they were in for but seemed to be secretly hoping for the next Bone Tomahawk.

Ottawa humans! This film will be at the Mayfair Theatre on April 27 and 28, presented by my pals at Zombieinfo.com!

Dead Air Ep 52 – Pieces

Gather under the sluice grate, for the latest Dead Air podcast episode has been mucked off the slab ~ http://ift.tt/1MkDz40

Episode 52 is exactly what you think it is! We’re back in the 80’s and it feels like we never left. This time to take on one of Lydia’s favourite movies from her childhood. The classic slasher Pieces! A seemingly normal college is under siege by a trench-coated ne’er-do-well with a penchant for carving up nubile co-eds with a chainsaw. An intense investigation goes underway to stop this madman before any more fall victim. Full of insane kills and inexplicable scenes this movie is as fun as it is inscrutable!


typicalfilm – Inside The Whore

InsideTheWhoreInside The Whore (2012)

Where would I be without Bind Torture Kast… well, I’d not be Inside The Whore, at least, I’m sure. This was one of those films that I’d not seen nor heard of until they reviewed it and man, am I glad they did! Beyond found-footage and mocumentary, Reinert Kiil heard you like meta on your meta so this ‘special feature’ is an addendum to his 2009 film ‘Hora’. That’s one I still thought I would skip even though I enjoyed Inside The Whore like mad – then I read that the sound engineer for Apoptygma Berzerk did the soundtrack and got curious. Maybe someday, Hora. For now I’m happy with the mindfuck that is this film. Wanna follow the worst film crew on the worst set filming the worst movie on their worst days where most meet their worst end? Well, except Mister Kiil since I think this is the star/director’s birthday and christmas all rolled into one beer-stained carpet and dumped somewhere in the bushes. There is no describing this film outside of the BTK review, as it really must be seen for the full effect.