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Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Before I fawn over the second installment I had to rewatch the first. Just in case I’d missed something that makes so many people like this one better. I must have blinked and missed it. Sure this one has ‘the scares’ I suppose, as the discovery of the body bundle is a very tense scene, but all in all I find this one boring. Maybe it’s due to having the very few people on screen not be very interesting to me. Maybe it’s the long and clunky chase sequences. Unsure, but one thing that I do like is the slow tease introduction to The Creeper.

Dead Cells – 16 – Death Parade

So it has been a while but here is a new episode of Dead Cells where I get in line for the Death Parade.

A nice dark and brooding series from 2015 that gets a little Twilight Zone, like all good creepy anime do. Not a hell of a lot of blood here, save two episodes I highlight. Catch this one on Funimation or Hulu and catch me on Dead Air podcast.

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Dead Air Ep 53 – Suicide Club

Gather under the sluice grate, for the latest Dead Air podcast episode has been mucked off the slab ~ http://ift.tt/1SI6coh

Before you listen to episode 53 of the Dead Air Podcast we have one question for you. Who are you connected to? The question that resonates with our characters as Japan is hit with an unprecedented wave of inexplicable suicides. Seemingly happy and well adjusted people ending their own lives en masse have the police force baffled and grasping for explanations. Stranger still is the grisly clues being left behind. The horrific events can’t seem to squash the national success of Dessert; a Japanese Idol band whose fun infectious tunes have everyone dancing but, of course these two things couldn’t be connected, could they? Also, Wes and Lydia answer fan questions about what sort of horror movie they would like to make.