typicalfilm – The Witch

thewitchThe Witch (2015)

There were one or two bits where I was hoping the film would pick up, and then found I was the proverbial frog in a pot of water. Having seen things on the farm as a kid likeĀ a chicken fetus in an egg and milked blood from a nanny goat… it was all very ‘home’ to me. With all the animals being great little actors and the scenes by candlelight I liked it much better than most period pieces with ragged clothes and farmland. I’ll be picking up my Satanism and Witchcraft text again since I’m sure half the stories of influence are in that, and Hunt The Witch Down, which is more Salem-centric. Really fun night out at the Bytowne Theatre, if I do say.

typicalfilm – Worm


Worm (2011)

I’ll have more to say on the recently available ‘Familiar’ in a future post, but this and that really go together – both are from Fatal Pictures, Zach of which quite graciously lent a screening copy so I could have a taste of this apple. It would seem this is a day in the life of the same character seen in Familiar. We’ve all had this super negative inner dialogue. For some it hits rarely, on the worst day. For some it is the actual all day, every day soapbox of seething hatred that literally froths behind the eyes. I know since this guy sounds a hell of a lot like me. Yes. I liked this short horror very much. I’ve become some sort of Robert Nolan fan it seems.

Dead Air Ep 49 – The Prowler

Gather under the sluice grate, for the latest Dead Air podcast episode has been mucked off the slab ~ http://ift.tt/1pRjyIj

Sharpen your knife and strap on your combat boots because in episode 49 of Dead Air; Wes and Lydia dish out a review of 1981’s The Prowler with military precision. In 1945 the war weary world was settling back down and men and women were returning home. What should have been a time of celebration turns to bloody murder. Now, decades later the killings start again by a man clad in WWII military gear. Special effects master Tom Savini is on full display in a movie that he considers is his best work. For more episodes check out splatterpictures.net