typicalfilm – Cabin Fever


Cabin Fever (2002)

I have yet to watch the revamp, but in preparation did revisit the original. On blu-ray, no less. I recall watching this and at once thinking ‘Wow! It’s Richard Laymon come to life!’ with all the backwoodsian, sex, swearing, booze and realistic young adults – and at the same time thinking ‘this is rather goony.’ I was also less of a comedy fan back then, so it works even better now. There is a really great write up in the recent Splatterpunk Magazine by Jeff Burk that highlights the merits of this film. I really agree, especially with the suggestion of girl-on-boy anal exploration being something I had never seen is horror and found it’s realism and tell-it-like-it-is attitude really exciting in the face of all the teen-sex romps the genre is filthy with. Let alone the gore! It really is twice as much fun as I recalled.

Dead Air Ep 50 – Candyman

Gather under the sluice grate, for the latest Dead Air podcast episode has been mucked off the slab ~ http://ift.tt/1MH2itW

We like to kick – streeeeeeetch – AND KICK we’re 50! We hit this milestone in style with Clive Barker’s Candyman. A graduate student, Helen, is writing her thesis on urban legends and comes across a story about a ghostly figure with a hook for a hand that is known only as “Candyman”. A vengeful legend born of a terrible tragedy that can be summoned to kill if only you dare to say his name five times, but, these are only stories right? As Helen gets closer to the truth people start dying and she loses her grip on time and reality itself. Has she gone insane or is something far more sinister at work?

This film holds a special place in Wes’ heart and you’ll hear all about it during the episode. Also, we dive deep in to our hosts past which is apparently filled with unsolved mysteries, irrational fears and something Lydia calls the “Skat Shack.” It’s an epic double stuffed episode that is sure to leave you wanting more! Raise your glasses, kids and cheers to another 50!

Sweets to the sweet on this sugar rush of a day ~ Wes and I get into Candyman for our 50th episode! Be our victim… and find us on splatterpictures.net, SoundCloud, itunes and stitcher. Man, if there is anything I actually like doing in this world it is recording this show.


typicalfilm – Familiar


Familiar (2012)

Psychological and body horror abound. From Fatal Pictures and now available to rent or buy streaming, this short was suggested by Bind Torture Kast, right up there with Dead Air as my most favourite podcast ever. Along with a handful of other shorts, they highlighted the back-catalogue of Fatal Pictures which features the peculiar Robert Nolan in both this and Worm. No to say the actor is peculiar, but the characters he plays in these last two offerings are fascinating. Of a misanthropic and gravely dissatisfied man whose negative internal dialogue has run amok, the story takes a dark turn into Cronenburg territory.  Looking forward to something feature length from these guys, if not the release of an older short (Consumption, 2003), and the continued success of the festival run of the recent short ‘Heir‘.