Dead Cells – Horror News

Horror News is the “Motion Comic Series” offered from Tomotoon, part of Next Media Animation. It began streaming in April 2014. It is a motion comic/manga style story covering a handful of creepy tales, with the wraparound story being that of the mysterious publication the Horror News itself.

But first, some horror news because it has been a while. The winter here is harsh and cold, what can I say. Attack on Titan has people excited in advance since it won’t be out until 2016. Tokyo Ghoul 2 has come and gone. Psycho Pass and Diabolik Lovers have had an OVA each and there are three vampire series on right now that I’ll get into another time. Speaking of vampires I picked up the series Shiki, which may be up next if I don’t get around to new Tokyo Ghoul first. I’m half through Shiki right now, and it is pretty good.

Never did get around to covering my top hentai for Chris Excess. He had been on the Dead As Hell Horror podcast from time to time as well, and for that I do apologize. I just haven’t been in a hentai mood I guess, but I will leave you with this. Frantic, Frustrated and Female. FFF or F3, was one I had very shyly lent to me just after it came out in 1994 and was likely the most funny and cute hentai I had ever watched. It is basically about a girl who cannot achieve orgasm and resorts to all sorts of crazy antics to rectify this. She eventually becomes possessed by an incubus with ridiculous results. The best part is that ‘F’ is the sixth letter of the alphabet, making this one a little extra satanic.

I also had a request from a more different Chris, the host of Bind Torture Kast which just happens to be my most favourite horror podcast of all time. Devilman was one of his suggestions and now I have to decide if I want to watch the series from 70s or the OVA from 1987 or 2004 – it will likely be the first OVA since I’m sure that was the one that is on his mind and the first one I saw too – and I have to decide that before the remake gets released this Fall. Yes another remake, because that’s what the world needs is more Devilman.

So, Horror News. It was a fun watch and only crossed my desk because it had Horror in the title. I dont even remember how i came across it, but being a journalist, the news part caught my eye too.

The description on Crunchyroll reads…  “Rei Kigata is a boy, a first year middle schooler at Ishido Middle School. He is not a believer of any paranormal phenomena such as existence of ghosts or spirits of any kind, but one day at midnight, while he is asleep, a mysterious newspaper called ‘Horror News’ is delivered to his room. The newspaper tells a story in which one of his teachers at the school will get killed in a car accident the following morning and Kigata will be a witness of the accident. The story turns into a fact the following day and since then, the mysterious newspaper is delivered every night”

Sixteen short chapters run about 10 minutes each and makes a great story to watch on your mobile device – not something anyone would usually recommend for an anime, but that is what these shorts are perfectly designed for. You can watch them all in one run just as easlity as you can watch them one at a time.

The first two chapters introduce you to the mysterious Horror News publication that Rei receives at midnight.

Chapters are otherwise grouped together by color coded titles. And it is more confusing to explain than be subject to. Episode 16 and 12 are called Pages In Black, which are folk tales. Episode 4 and 13-15 are Pages In Red, which are bizarre tales. episode 1 to 3 and 11 to 12 are Pages In White, or ghost stories and some of my favourite. Episode 6 to 9, Pages in Blue are science fiction and in my opinion the most boring. Just not for me.

I’ve been told it is a chinese motion comic style, and a little like Speed Racer in tone, the characters are very one dimensional in more ways than one. if you liked Yamishibai, or Japanese Ghost Stories,  you may like this. Another fun one is ‘I Luv Halloween; from Tokyo Pop – I love Tokyo Pop and Halloween, so go figure.

The deaths are really pretty bloody just cartoony of course and there sure aren’t many. We get to see a lot of Rei’s best derp faces and him exclaim in shock, disbelief, fear, then mental anguish; usually in that order. And usually every episode because he is a jumpy kinda guy.

It has a dim, colorful and slightly dark color palate that uses a lot of blues and reds. something like an aged comic book look to it. For an interesting read, check their wikipedia entry under Next Media Animation and how they develop motion comic for newscasts, let alone their more colourful social media antics.

If there are negatives to this series – not including whether you like the style or not, they would be that the collection of tales go from creepy and personal, to traditional and terrifying to aliens and yeti then just kind of peters out on the curse of the pharaohs. There is no real related thread and the last episode doesn’t even follow the main character on any sort of adventure but is the audio equivalent of him reading to us a grade school essay on King Tut. The device of the actual Horror News newspaper is largely abandoned by the end. This is unfortunate since I really liked the Horror News newspaper as a character, which it had become.

On the plus side, they hit on ghosts, possession, vampires, doppelgangers, the yeti and just lots of random death and screaming. Quite a mix. In a lot of other applications, this tactic would be aggravating because they are really all over the map yet due to the short duration, they get away with it.

The entire series is available on crunchyroll and like I said best watched on a tablet or mobile. I tried finding it in the Tomotoon site but it wasn’t featured and I sadly only speak English. So I don’t know if there are more episodes coming, it doesn’t look like it, but who knows.

So this is Dead Cells, a horror anime podcast and symbiot to Dead Air. If you want more horror, Wes ‘Dead Air’ Knipe and I podcast bi-weekly and you can find us at Dead Air on soundcloud, stitcher, itunes, facebook, twitter and likely wherever you are listening to this right now. If there is anything you think I should watch, let me know in the comments, at typicallydia on twitter or facebook and wherever you hang out online.